Glory To The Almighty

Glory To The Almighty

Friday, January 30, 2015

Khaldoun’s Great Adventure


So it has been 3 months since my adventure in October. A couple of guys crazy enough to 
traverse India from south to north in 8 days.

We planned since March to make this work. From the mere asking to join this adventure, to the buying of a new motorcycle, to the long pain staking planning for all 
the 10 days including 2 days in Delhi and finally executing it. Individually planned for each day. But I had to admit that we over did it ourselves.

Because riding 400 - 500 kilometres, 10 - 12 hours of riding each day on a pair of 150cc and 200cc bikes is a back breaker, butt sorer, unthinkable,over doing, mind boggling, for 2400 kilometres in 
almost of all the 8 days is just a huge task to withhold. Some say stupid I guess. 
Not to mention that I am back alive in one piece with beautiful memories.

But I know its worth it. Every single penny used, every energy drained, every minutes spent,every throttle pulled, every brake squeezed, every gear changed.

To be at the finishing point I would say its paradise.

And I would like to call my adventure;

~Khaldoun’s Great Adventure~

I want you to compare it with Malaysia.
On google maps

  1. Do watch it on your laptops/desktops or make it to view in desktop mode if its on mobile. Enjoy.

From left: Mr Shrikanth, Mr Khaldoun, Mr Niroop, Mr Suhas
Not in the picture Mr Darshan(will be in other pictures)
Picture taken somewhere in Maharashtra, 2 hours after leaving Belgaum, Karnataka.
All are doctors to be. To find time and money in our hectic schedule in medical school is a miracle. And to tell you about my university. No one gives a damn for holidays. We just finished our 3rd MBBS exams. We start final year classes two days after.Cruelty, just cruelty.
However, God just gave us time and money. Oh Suhas is from another university.

Back to the happy part, I just want to share our story, our happiness, our pain, our wounds, our scars and our gratitude to God Almighty on the net by writing this.

India, the Land of Spice explored from the back roads to the highways.

Distance traveled: 3800 kilometers
(Mangalore-Manipal-Belgaum-Nipani-Pune-Nashik-Indore-Ujjain-Gwalior-Agra-Delhi- Panipat-Chandigarh-Shimla-Mandi-Manali-Rohtang-Mandi-Chandigarh-Delhi) Flown back to Mangalore(2000km). Bikes took the train.

Altitude gain: 4000 meters(Rohtang pass)

Number of motorcycles: Two(150cc Hero Impulse and 200cc Bajaj Avenger) + One (350cc RE 
Thunderbird rented at Manali)

Number of people: 4-6 persons

Will continue next week because I need help from my fellow mates to recall our journey together.