Glory To The Almighty

Glory To The Almighty

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Day 10, 11, 12 The wrap

Day 10, 11 and 12

and its a wrap for Khaldoun's Great Adventure

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

Day 10 (Manali-Chandigarh)

Bye2 Manali. Thank god that He has made me see beautiful parts of India.

Himachalis are clean people. Cleaner than other parts of India. They are aware the importance of preserving mother nature. And they obey traffic rules. Otherwise someone might be falling down the hill into the glacial river.

Donkey ready for the ride

We started the day fairly good. Sun was shining bright. We had breakfast by the roadside near town(while I was praying not to suffer from diarrhoea later).

Thinking a positive day ahead on our journey to Chandigarh, Punjab.

You may wonder, I don’t have any pictures because the journey to Chandigarh using another route was treacherous. It was like in Madhya Pradesh, bad roads, lots of trucks, a flatten tyre on the Avenger again and night riding. 

We finally arrived in Chandigarh at 11 pm. We rode for maybe 13 hours again that day. But I would say Chandigarh city is well planned. Much less traffic lights, cleaner, wide roads, grid formations of the city. Google map it, City of Chandigarh.

Day 11(Chandigarh-New Delhi)

The end of the long ride from south. We head to Delhi and spent a night there before departing back to Mangalore.

A straight forward ride to Delhi on Delhi-Shimla highway. But not without drama. Everyday, we always stop every 40km of riding. At one stop, guys on the Avenger had misplaced their key somewhere in the grass by the road side. Only a key, nothing attached. Talking about finding a needle in a haystack. The spare key however was in a bag on Impulse but Impulse went on riding without knowing Avenger was going nowhere under the gaze of the midday sun.

After dozens of missed calls, before stopping for the next 40 km. Guys on Impulse realized Avenger wasn’t on their tail. Knowing the spare key was in their bag and the other guys lost their keys, they made a U-turn and we covered 40km in just 20 minutes to meet them. Lost two liters of fuel, time and energy.


I don’t want to face this again. After a calm runaway in the north.

Argh no, please no to cars and horns.

In the evening, our bikes had to catch the train back to Bangalore while we took the flight to Mangalore. No fuss in packing and transporting. They had workers to do it. But the only thing wasn’t there with me was trust. They packed our bikes, covered with boxers and paper, drained the petrol. We paid about 8000 rupees for both bikes. They took our bikes somewhere but we were waiting there like sitting ducks. I had a doubt whether they ran away with our vehicles.

But I guess I have to trust them more because they did the job.. They gave resits. We got our bikes one month later but in Bangalore. 

Impulse is riding the train back to Bangalore. Then a bus to Mangalore.

Day 12(Roaming Delhi)

A day spent in Delhi. Sat in the auto and roamed around. Took the train to Chadni Chowk. From there Red fort and famous Jama’ masjid was in walking distance. Also the must try Kareem’s briyani and sheek kebabs was nearby Jama’ masjid. 

Best puri evaaaaaaa. Seriously. To you maybe its unhygienic. To me its heaven.

It was October, but the summer heat was still bearing down. Couldn’t walk far so we decided to hoop on a rickshaw.

Every 100 meters there will be stalls like this. 10-15 rupees for a cold water or cold lime water. Need this especially in the heat.

Glad I made it to the Famous Jama' Masjid of Delhi, the largest mosque in India for Zohor. The antic interior is just intriguing. The old lamps and chandeliers. Wonder what it felt like in the olden days when electricity wasn't discovered yet to light up the whole compound.

Nothing can be said, but sheek kebabs were the best to date.

In line please, be in queue and wait for the waiting list and reserves.

Thus the end of Khaldoun's Great Adventure. Now I am doing internship in India. Will be heading back to Malaysia in March 2107. So, maybe some small adventures with my donkey again before heading back. Recently was on a solo ride to Chikmangalur after exams. Would like to post some videos of it. So stay tune. =)

Finally, a short video about our adventure to Manali. Do watch it on your laptops/desktops or make it to view in desktop mode if its on mobile. Enjoy.

Day 9 (Manali-Rohtang Peak)

Day 9 (Manali-Rohtang Peak)

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

Clcik the picture for more detail

We are set to rise up towards Rohtang Peak through Rohtang Pass. Its a 2000 m(Yes, 2.0 km) ascension in 4-5 hours on this dangerous road.

Manali is at 2090 m asl and Rohtang highest road is at 3979 m. Every traveler wished to reach Leh from Manali(Manali-Leh Highway) need to jump over this peak to reach the other side. However, this peak is one of the few ascends to Leh, ranging 4000 m to 5300 m asl.

Beautiful roads and mother nature

Shri going to the loo

Some parts of the roads are dangerous. One mistake, Himachal Pradesh will be your grave.

Hot maggi is always welcomed


It snowed a little when we arrived. Temperature was about 5-6 degrees celsius.


He is loving his bike. Great achievement for Bajaj Avenger.

Not going anyway bro


Thats ice Darshan. Not snow, its freaking hard. 

At 4 kilometers above sea level.

Seriously, 4000 meters asl? Fluffy clouds were so close.
I got mountain sickness and was so breathless I did not join them up to the the peak and lay down between the rock protected from the strong wind.

Again, hot maggi never bores for cold and hungry people.

Today was our last day in Manali. Gave back our rented bikes. 800 rupees for each. Then we head back to our hotel.
Akshita and Amit had to leave to Shimla at night. It was a sad moment being apart and knowing we won't be meeting again. Thanks guys for joining us. See you somewhere.